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About Nick Ronald

Nick studied english and sociology at Liverpool University which started off his interest in communications and understanding people. He started work in IT in the corporate sector before studying communication, marketing and PR at the Institute of Public Relations and also the Institute of Marketing. He worked in local authorities and government departments managing external campaigns in the press office before moving into internal communications in the not for profit sector.

After 20 years of working as a communications professional, he set up several e-commerce businesses and a film production company to produce films and publishing. He is a family man with a son and has lived in London for the last 25 years. He studied NLP and CBT several years ago to give himself a better understanding of how to communcate and influence people more effectively and positively and use these techniques in coaching.

He has been a Toastmaster at an award winning club and am currently our clubs Vice-President for Public Relations. He has spoken on stage at many events across London. He is also able to combine my passion for communications through coaching, workshops and consultancy as well as pursing my interests in writing and film projects.

Toastmaster Club Speech Awards

Nick Ronald winning Toastmasters Best Prepared Speech & Toastmasters Best Table Topics Speech in July 2018

Nick Ronald’s Speaking Topics



Be more confident, deliberate and intentional. Learn the principles of becoming a master communicator.

Influence and Persuasion

Learn the ability to influence and persuade others in the most effective way.

Inspiration and Motivation

Inspire and motivate people to work together toward making a vision a reality.

Nick is also available to speak at your function, meeting, or convention.

Professional Copywriter

Nick is a professional copywriter and provides a service to provide tailored copy for marketing materials – online and offline – and is happy to discuss this or provide examples of his work in this area.

“Nick is an excellent internal communications professional..”

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Secret Influence: Communicate & Persuade with Power

Secret Influence is an essential guidebook for anyone who wants to ethically influence others to beg to hand over their credit cards to you, and to happily do business with you. Discover how to use hidden copywriting strategies to draw attention to your product or service and create engagement on social media.